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Custom Built

The remains of an 8-year-old, Justin Fletcher, have been found today at his home. They had been placed in a blue container and left in his backyard.
Darlene Fletcher, mother of Justin Fletcher, noticed the container as she was preparing to plant some flowers in her garden. She stated that she had immediately called the police, informing them of the presence of this unusual blue vessel.

Therapy Session

As they walked out the doors of the airport with their luggage, they see two drivers standing alongside a black Cadillac Escalade. They are both holding a sign with each of their names on it. They each walk over to the drivers claiming their name. The drivers began to load their luggage into one of the Escalades. They each enter inside one of the Escalades. The drivers finish loading their luggage; they both get into one of the Escalades and slowly drive off. After twenty-seven minutes of driving around sharp turns and hills, the drivers pull up to a gate. The gate slowly opens and both Escalades drive inside. They pull into a cul-de-sac facing a renaissance mansion. The drivers stop and park. Both drivers stepped out of the Escalades. 

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Making His Mark


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